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Eminent writer scholar Shri K.M.Munshi on Swami Dayanand

Eminent writer, scholar Shri K.M.Munshi on Swami Dayanand

Of the modern Masters, Swami Dayananda Saraswati is the first in time.

He had no attachment, no personal life and no fear. He braved poison and snakes and the knife of the assassin. He faced abuse, calumny and violence with undaunted courage, and a spotless life; and the concentrated vigour of a complete consecration to his mission. He ha...d no malice, but his flaming indignation was like scorching lava, which burnt up untruth and things which stifled the soul of India.

The Swami wonderful gifts were brought under the direction of one idea, to restore the primitive Aryan strength and virility to Indian Culture. He was learned beyond the measure of man. He was a master of thundering eloquence. Ceaselessly he worked, travelling all over India, radiating intense creative vigour; a powerful human dynamo, physically, mentally and spiritually. He was the first among modems who lived and taught others to live up to the permanent values of our Culture. He gave us the first programme of Cultural reintegration. Most of which has now been associated with Nationalism removal of caste distinction and untouchability, and equality of women; highest scientific education grafted on an education essentially Indian; the use of national language and the pursuit of Sanskrit as a predominant national influence; repudiation of Westernism; reorganization of life on a basis of freedom as in Vedic times and a sturdy resistance against foreign rule and alien culture.
‘India, Madame Blavatsky said, saw no greater scholar, metaphysician, orator and denunciator of evil since Shankracharya.

As a representative of the creative art of life in modern times he stands supreme; a spirit of titanic stature through which worked the force of an immense creative power.

(Reference- The Creative Art of life- 1946)

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