Sunday, September 8, 2013

How Hindus Survived 1000 Years of Islamic Rule in India?

I found Muslims on Internet boasting that if Islam was so cruel to Hindus than how did Hindus survived despite of 1000 years of Islamic rule in India? If Islam would have spread by sword than all Hindus would have been forcibly converted and there would have been no more Hindus in this country today. This proves that Islam is Religion of mercy.

I am replying my Muslims friends in brief the causes of Survival of Hindus. It was not due to attitude and behavior of Islam but due to opposition by Hindus. Barbaric Muslim invaders tried their best but it was resistance by Hindus who saved them.

Following are the reasons for savior of Hindu race.

1. Brave hearts like Shiva Ji and other Maratha leaders in Deccan, Maharana Pratap in Rajasthan, Jats of Bharatpur and Mathura, Durga Das Rathod of Rajputana, Veer Chatrasal of Bundelkhand, Raja Krishandev of Vijayanagra, Sikh gurus in North India, Banda Bairagi, Hari Singh Nalwa and Maharaj Ranjit Singh in North India and many others resisted cruel Islamic rule in India and saved Hindus from conversion in masses.Truth is that Muslims were never rulers of complete country. In different ages different known and unknown warriors raised from Hindus and saved them from atrocities of Muslim invaders.

2. Moral Conduct of Hindus- Social practice of not to cooperate or even watch face of a Muslim by naming them as mallech (inferior) in middle ages lead to social distance in the society which was like a sort of boycott of Muslims in the main stream Hindu society. It leads to low level of penetration of Islam in masses thus leading to low number of conversion.It was a adopted view in order to make safer distance from Muslims.The main reason in development of this attitude also developed among Hindus due to plundering of Hindu temples by Muslims and converting them to Mosque, Destruction of Hindu idols which were sacred for Hindus, Cow sacrifice in Hindu Temple in front of Hindus to demoralize them. We even get references that Muslim invaders frequently abducted Hindu girls for filling their harams. So, Hindus decided to maintain a safer distance from them. Due to vast unoccupied tracts of lands all over country Hindus migrated frequently and developed new areas of living away from Muslim rule for e.g. Bhagel raja of saurashtra migrated to Rewa/Jhansi when Muslim attacked their territory in Gujarat, Chitpawan Brahmins of Goa migrated from northern parts of country to the kingdom of Shiva ji in Maharashtra. Also there are various similar instances in Rajputana.

3. Accepted Jaziya but did not left Janau (Yagyopavit or sacred thread) Hindus were given incentives in form of Money/lucrative posts/marriage with Muslim lady for conversion to Islam but rarely few only accepted these offers. Most of them paid Islamic tax but did not left Hinduism. In spite of second level treatment by Muslim invaders Hindus rejected idea of conversion to Islam. This saved them from conversion in Masses. Aurangzeb issued fatwa of gift of Rs/- 5 to Hindu man who converted to Islam and Rs/- 2 to Hindu women who converted to Islam.

4. Bhakti movement- Different saints of their times propagated the message of Hindu dharma leading to healing touch to the wounds inflicted by Muslims. They saved Hindus in large number from forced conversion. They even brought back many birth Muslims to Hindu fold for e.g.Raskhan became disciple of Hindu guru.

5. Suddhi movement- Suddhi or better say reclamation of lost brother was a system of bringing back for those Hindus who were converted to Islam forcibly.  For e.g. Neta ji Palkar suddhi by Shiva Ji, Harihra-Bukka of Vijayanagra kingdom were purified and brought back to folds of Hinduism. Suddhi ceremony is well mentioned in the Gobhil sutras as well as incidents of Suddhi are well documented in Bhavishya puran shows that the Hindu used to check number of converted Muslims.

6. The purity of thoughts- We find that most of Islamic kings were either drug addicts or slaves of sensual pleasures.For e.g. Baber was fond of boys thus homosexual, Jahangir was always busy in filling harams, Shahjahan was always busy in emptying glasses of liquor and eating sacks of opium.
Such moral of Islamic conduct failed to impress the minds of common Hindus. Contrary to this Hindus considered twice bathing and worship of deity as regular religious duty and considered adultery, animal killing for meat and drinking alcohol as grave sins. The immoral life style of Muslims was unable to impress religious minds of Hindus. Opposite to that Hindus developed hatred feeling for such Muslim practices. Such high level of thinking, intellectual progress, Vedic wisdom saved Hindus from mass conversion of Hindus.

Thus its a myth that Muslims invaders tried their best Hindus survived due to their resistance and attempt to survive.

(This is a brief write up. This article can be expanded with Historical References.)

Dr Vivek Arya


  1. Actually we have fallen a prey to our own doctrines e.g.Had prithviraj not pardoned mohd.ghori 17 times,and crushed him the very first time the scene would have been entirely different.
    Had we had the same tendency as muslims spreading the religion by sword the whole world today would have been so called HINDU with no other religion existing.

    1. I firmly believe that there could not be only one religion at any point of time in the world. Religion more replicates from how you think and you cannot expect everyone to think on same lines. Suppose if all the hindus are conversted to muslims which is kind of impossible and if they were not able to find eternal peace they will turn back to the literature. They will turn back to history and start exploring it to find the answers of various questions. Thats how Arya Samaj was born. Thats how different religion were born. The question is not which is in majority. The question is what is correct.

    2. Bhai ji You need to understand what is real meaning of word Dharma, Religion is not accurate English translation. Dharma are not many but only one and it does not mean Hindu or muslim or sikh or christianity but it means right conduct.
      Dr Vivek Arya

  2. @Vivek Arya
    is there any possible way to bring back a mass shuddi movement?
    I mean the media is Anti-Hindu ,UPA is anti Hindu and the Hindus are too secular to understand this.
    What is the possible solution.
    Sometimes I in fact consider a world war 3 as a necessity for the continuance of Sanathana Dharma because WW3 would lead to the destruction of the West and Middle east, after which there would be no problems of a Shuddi movement. But again this is a hypothetical solution.

    My question is "What will be the future of Hinduism?" sy 50 yrs from now.
    I believe that no one is going to come and save us until and unless we take steps.

    1. there is only one solution
      2. BE UNITED

      Dr Vivek Arya

    2. There is ONLY ONE WAY BROTHER WE DO THE SAME WHAT THEY DID OTHERS THINK IF WE BE UNITED THE ISSUE ARE OVER BUT SORRY TO THEM TELL THEM TO AKBER OWAISI AND HIS BROTHER HOW FAR THEY ARE AGAINST HINDU I personally think we should hypnotise these scums and make them realize that their fore father gave up n converted to that religion which is first of all not a religion at all .

  3. Hindus lost 1/3 land to hindu convert to islam all muslim are local converts. Local convert cause of india's distraction. Time to declare iNdia as hindus nation and declare all convert to islam as anti national as they are all bow to saudis 25 times a day.

  4. Does the opening sentence indicate that at other places like in Indonesia, Malaysia or Iran and other Muslim countries the Muslims were so cruel that they could convert them into Muslim or Islamic countries like the way they are towards Hindus in Pakistan even today, and they were not so cruel towards Hindus in India so that India did not become total Muslims? Does it mean that they can be much more cruel or are they repenting why their forefathers were not much more cruel in India!!

  5. Saudi an enemy of human race have a perfect war manual. THey just find your poor ,uneducated and criminals and convert them and give them the book of war .Now your local converts are their foot soldiers to destroy you and nation. Time to form rules to get rid of converts.
    Local destroying own nations and now slave to saudis.