Monday, December 2, 2013

Vedas and Corruption

 Corruption! Day to day every common man engaged in daily routine encounters this word through different channels. After thinking for a while he or she just remembers god to make our society corruption free. Also we hardly ever thought that does our holy Vedas guide us over the very issue of corruption or not. Answer is quite fantastic! Yes they do.
Yajurveda 40.../1 or first mantra of Ishopanishad clearly says
O Human! The entire world – static as well as dynamic – is pervaded by Ishwar – the Supreme Lord. Hence enjoy the pleasures in a detached manner. Do not be greedy. This wealth does not belong to anyone. We (the soul) do not own the world around us. The owner of this universe – the Ishwar – pervades every point that He owns. Now since we do not own the world, the way we should use the facilities of the world should be without a sense of ownership. Greed is the highest level of ignorance. Neither do we own the world around, nor can we take it with us after we die. Hence running after what eventually would be lost is indeed stupidity. The Only way to enjoy the world is by getting detached from it. This may seem counter-intuitive on surface but in fact it is not. If you think deeply, you would find that it the lust to own that causes all the worries. Worries start from the very desire of owning something. Hence, we should stop acting like an ignorant and start enjoying the world in the true sense and you cannot enjoy unless you are detached. In summary, nothing in the world ever belonged to us and nothing will go with us despite whatever efforts we may exert to acquire them. If we understand this very concept we will never engage in any such act of corruption. Corruption happens only when we stop hearing our own inner conscience.
Vedas never mentions not to earn instead of that vedas says earn with hundred hands and spend with thousand hands.This is quite interesting in understanding. It means we should earn with cooperation with honesty and spend not only on self but invest that money for benefit of others. A corrupt person earns only for self and do not want to invest for others. Vedas also mentions the fate of corrupts.
Atharvaveda 5/18/2 says Kings/Rulers overpowered by their personal desires, who ignore the wise counsel by the learned are self defeated, they may have the present but they have no future.
Atharvaveda 5/18/5 says Greedy rulers who give importance to money, ignore and smother truth and the sane voices that oppose corrupt practices involved in illegal amassing of personal wealth, by ignoring sane voices considering them as soft and weak, do not realize that they are stoking great violent fires. At last we pray to almighty god
O Ishwar, may my ignorance that leads me to ignoring you and chasing the world that was never mine be destroyed forever. I promise to put my best efforts for this. With Your blessings I promise to seek you and you alone because you alone are source of bliss! May this noble thought always prevail in me!
Dr Vivek Arya

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