Friday, November 1, 2013

Wake up! You all sleeping from 5000 years

                                  Message on Diwali - A Tribute to Swami Dayanand

“Wake up! You all sleeping from 5000 years.”

[This is a true story from a remote village of Uttar Pradesh which happened in 1890's]

A watchman on his night duty while taking routine rounds of the village used to raise alarm by saying-

“Wake up! You all sleeping from 5000 years.”

One night the local Jamindar asked him,

''why do you always say the above words for waking? '

He replied,' there is a secret behind these words’.

If you want to know the secret you need to spend two rupees and wait for few days.

Jamindar was anxious to know the answer so he handed him the money.

The watchman mailed the money at the postal address of Paropkarini Sabha, Ajmer to purchase a copy of Satyarth Prakash.

After few days he received the copy of Satyarth Prakash from Ajmer. The watch man handed that copy to the Jamindar and said that answer to your queries lies within this book.

Jamindar eager to know the answer started reading the book. It was first time he came across the scholarly work of Swami Dayanand.

After reading the book he learned the following answers

1. Why did the Hindu race surrendered to the invaders in last 1200 years?

2. What is the reason behind the downfall of the Hindus race. The same race which was once supreme teacher to the whole world?

3. What is the true definition of Dharma and its relation to the Vedas?

4. What should be done to revive the dying race?

He admired the wise motive of watchmen. He himself became instrumental in establishing new branch of Aryasamaj in his village. He himself started working as a active member of Aryasamaj.

We know this watchman as Nihal Singh. He was although of small social stature but with his dedication mind he created history. He established only eleven new Aryasamaj Branches in different villages of Bijnour area of Uttar Pradesh during his reign as watchmen.

Take Home Message

Today we have more number of resources, more number of facilities but we lack that wanted determination inside us for the mission of Swami Dayanand.

Awake! O Dear Brothers and make a pledge

To work for the mission of Swami Dayanand
To work for the Aryasamaj
To work for the truth of the Vedas.

Dr Vivek Arya

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