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Analysis of Atheist-Notion

Analysis of Atheist-Notion

Writer- Pandit Haridev Ji Tark Kesari
Presented By- Priyanshu Seth
Translated In English By- DS Balaji Arya

Question 1- What are the signs of an Athiest? Who is called an Athiest?
Answer- Who declines the existence of God/Creator/Lord is primarily known as an Athiest. But Swamy Dayanand has mentioned ten types of Atheists-
(1) Who does not Believe in God/Creator/Lord.
(2) Who does not believe in Soul/Reincarnation, believes that Soul is made of Fire, Water, Air, and Soul. And that Soul is destroyed after death so, it's useless to worry about the afterlife.
(3) Who does not believe in Vedas.
(4) Who believes the creation to be merely an accident.
(5) Who believes that God creates, destroys, boons and punishes randomly without a logical plan.
(6) Who believes that entire creation is just a Co-Incidence.
(7) Who himself claims to the Supreme Lord.
(8) Who claims the entire existence is all eternal and never-ending.
(9) Who only belives in the Visible proofs (Pratyaksha Pramana As Mentioned in Vedas).
(10) Someone who believes in absolute nothingness. Which means there is no authority nor any kind of Supreme Governance.

These are the ten kinds of Atheists mentioned by Swamy Dayanand in His Book - Satyarth Prakash.

Question 2- Where and when did Atheism Originate from?
Answer- There are different timelines and places from where atheism caught fire but it originated from Bharat. Charavak, Buddha and Jainism started the atheist theories when western civilization was not even born. Traces of Mayavad and Nastikvad (Atheism) is found in ancient India. Jabala Rishi at the time of Ramachandra and Beena King of Harivansha had the same views. But since the ancient time Bharat was an Orthodox Vedic region, hence atheism never got a good hold here. Since ancient times, Jeev, Brahma and Nature all were considered separate entities. Hence the atheistic theories were never tolerated In ancient Bharat. But, in present times, Jains, Buddhists and Communists are working head to toe in promoting these Atheistic ideas.

Question 3- Who were the most prominent founders and preacher of Atheism?
Answer- It's uncertain to claim who and when founded the idea of Atheism but most prominent founder and advocate of Atheism is considered as Charvaka.

Question 4- When did Charavak Principles originate and who founded them?
Answer- It is not possible to find out who founded the Charvak School of Thought. But the word meaning of Charavak is to Chew and to speak Politely. According to some Charvak means who speaks a lot. Some claim Charvak to be an Acharya who started this school of thought. But, Anveshan School of thought was started by Acharya Brihaspati who existed three hundred years before Buddha and eight hundred years before Jesus.

Question 5- Why Charvaka School Of Thought Become so popular?
Answer- Before Charavaka was popularized, society was moved towards Vam Marga. Vam Marga has two meaning. One means Beautiful and the other means Opposite. Vam Margis claim their ideology to be beautiful but considering their deeds they were termed as Opposite to Human Values. Due to the following reasons-
(a) Vam Margis practised Animal And Human Sacrifice.
(b) Illicit activities were a vital part of Vam Margi Philosophy. As prominently said in their Slogan-- "Mataramapi na jayate".
(c) Consuming Meat and Drinking alcohol had become common. Flesh and alcohol were used even in Yagya.
(d) Belief in Magic, Ghosts and supernatural superstitions was prevalent.
(e) Every Mis-Deed were being justified and all illicit activities were being normalized that too in the name of Shastras.

In the middle of all these debaucheries, Charvaka emerged. Today Communists, Marxists are promoting these philosophies. Let's try to understand this better using a conversation between a Theist and an Atheist.

Debate between an Atheist & a Theist

Atheist- Nobody governs this universe. Fire, Water, Soil, and Air, they combine and gives rise to existence.
Theist- Without a conscious being making all this, nothing can come into existence. If it was by default, why do we not have more suns stars and earth close to us?
Second, there cannot be a creation without a creator, and this universe is created. Hence, this world cannot be without a creator. Only a Super Power can possess such a power to create this beautifully perfectly designed world. According to Vedant Darshan- "जन्माद्यस्ययत:" (1/1/2) - Who creates and destroys this world is known as Ishwar/God.
Third, Look at our own body, how perfectly designed it is. Which is impossible for any mortal being to design. Hence, who designed this body, this entire functioning system is Ishwar/God.

Atheist- If a god creates every being, then why do we need a Mother and a Father? Why we need parents to be born?
Theist- There are two types of creation First, Godly and Second, Man-Made. Godly creation is all done by god and he has no responsibility for the man-made creations. Eg. Trees, plants, fruits are all god's creation but to obtain food from them is up to Man. Similarly in the very beginning creating Human was a Godly action but taking the progeny further was done by Human themselves.

Atheist- If God exists, why is he not visible and prominent. So that Humans can realize his presence?
Theist- It's wrong to say that God cannot be experienced. God can be experienced in two ways. First, A Brahm Pratyaksha which can be done through sense organs, through Visionary (Eyes), Olfactory (Smell), can be heard through ears. Hunger, Thirst, anger and all the humane feelings are evidence of godly experience. But to experience God in the divinely way is only possible for great Yogis. Swamy Dayanand says in Satyarth Prakash-

"Just like having sight cannot be processed through ear and words can be interpreted through eyes. Without proper education, exercise and yogic practices god cannot be experienced. Through words, we learn about the five elements. We need proper texts and knowledge to understand and experience god. Experience of fear, shame and doubts are all done by god, this is nothing but experiencing god. When the Human and its soul becomes pure and seeks God, he experiences his soul and god."

It is also said in the Kenopanishad-
"दृश्यते त्वग्रया बुद्धया सूक्ष्मया सूक्ष्म दर्शिभि:।"
Yogis with a keen vision and a sharp mind can experience God.

Similarly, it is also said in the Swetaswatara Upanishad-
"ते ध्यान योगानुगता अपश्यन्"
Yogis have experienced god after reaching the state of Samadhi. And Those who experienced lord danced with supreme joy.

"त्वमेव प्रत्यक्षं ब्रह्मासि, त्वामेव प्रत्यक्षं ब्रह्म वदिष्यामि, ऋतं वदिष्यामि, सत्यं वदिष्यामि।। -Taittiriye Upanishad
Hey, Lord, I have witnessed you, you are the Supreme Brahma, I have experienced you. I will admire only you and you.

Hence, from the above quotes, it is proven that God can be experienced, but one should keep in mind that-
He is omnipresent but not Visible by eyes.
Without Yogic Practices, nobody can experience him.

Atheist- Kathopanishad says that God can be experienced through a pure mind and not through a corrupted mind. How do we judge a pure mind?
Theist- When the being is free from Greed, Attachment and Envy, he is ready to experience god. In other words, when the mind is free from all kinds of negative thoughts, then it can experience one true Lord.

Atheist- What do you mean by Envy, Greed and Attachment?
Theist- Feelings which promote hate towards others. Inherited Negative traits from past life experiences can be a hurdle in the journey to experience god. Arrogance built from this materialistic world creates resistance to experience god.

Athiest- Is that God one or more than one? When we say so many beings in the world, we believe in many different qualities. So we believe that this world with so many variations must be created by many different entities. Seems like there are many different entities which created suns, stars, moons, mountains, trees and so many things.
Theist- This is not a wise thought, as the superpower, entity we are talking about is capable to create anything. We judge someone's intellect based on how many different types of creations he is capable of. Similarly, the capability to create such different designs and the world is nothing but the sign of that perfect intelligent entity. Ved Darshan clearly states that the creator is one and only one.

य: एकश्चर्षणीनां वसूनामिरज्यति।
इन्द्र: पञ्च क्षितीनाम्।। -Rigved 1/7/9
The god which is one and is the master of everything and the five kingdoms, i.e. Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra and Nishad, Worship him.

भुवनस्य यस्पतिरेक एव नमस्यो -Atharvaved 2/2/1
He who is the master of all multiverse. Only he should be worshipped.

न द्वितीयो न तृतीयश्चतुर्थो नाप्युच्यते,
न पञ्चमो न षष्ठ: सप्तमो नाप्युच्यते।
नाष्टमो न नवमो दशमो नाप्युच्यते,
य एतं देवमेकवृतं वेद। -Atharvaved 13.4.16-21
He cannot be called, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth or tenth. Only He knows him perfectly; who knows him as one and only one to govern and master of this multi-verse. This is the most accurate explaining about One - Omnipresent god. Not in any other Vedic Scripture.

Atheist- If he is only one, then is he stationary at one place or Omnipresent?
Theist- He is Omnipresent, if he was stationary at one place, he cannot govern, create and manage the entire creation.

(1) Reason for it not being visible is it being too far. Just like London and New York is not visible but that does not mean it does not exist.
(2) It is also not visible due to being too close, just like we cannot see our eyelashes as it's too close to our eyes or we cannot see the words in the book when brought to a close.
(3) We lose vision if something happens to our eyes. What if a blind man says that he cannot see Sun, Moon and Stars.
(4) Having a bad mental state makes many things non-experienceable. Like due to lack of attention not being able to notice who passed by when asked by somebody.
(5) Minute Things are not visible either. Eg. Soul, Intelligence, Nucleus, Feelings.
(6) Having blockage to something make it invisible too. Eg, something kept behind a wall.
(7) When the same things are inter-mixed together, they too become hard to be identified. Like Milk with water, oil in nuts, butter inside milk. Similarly, god gets mixed inside his creation and becomes implicit.
Just like the butter is present in every drop of milk. God is present in every part of this creation.

(8) Some things get suppressed due to their intensity too. Just like Stars are not visible in sunlight and the metal is not visible in the burning furnace. But the wise men know it's present right there.

Atheist- If he is present everywhere, then he is surely present in faeces, urine, garbage. He must be irritated by all the smell.
Theist- Right, but these feelings are limited to those who have sense. He is indeed above all these manly senses.
And how can he be irritated or smell which is indeed a part of his creation? Similarly, this entire creation is a part of that Lord, so he never feels bad or bliss about anything emitted by his creation. As rightly said in the Kathopanishad-

सूर्यो यथा सर्वलोकस्य चक्षुर्न लिप्यते चाक्षुषैर्बाह्यदोषै:।
एकस्तथा सर्वभूतान्तरात्मा न लिप्यते लोकदुःखेन बाह्य:। -2.5.11

Just like the sun in the eyes of our planet but eyes never affect that Lord. Because it's controlled, managed and doing its job perfectly Which is yet another example of how the lord is present everywhere and manages everything perfectly.

Atheist- If he is free from all Human Sense then how can we be a Sensitive Being experience him? So isn't it just a waste of time?
Theist- No it's not a waste of time, because you cannot understand the world until you understand the creator, who created this perfect design. One can experience bliss when after yogic practices he experiences god. As rightly said in the Kathopanishad-

एको वशी सर्व भूतान्तरात्मा एकं रूपं बहुधा य: करोति।
तमात्मस्थं येऽनुपश्यन्ति धीरास्तेषां सुखं शाश्वतं नेतरेषाम्। -2.5.12

He alone who controls everything and everyone lives inside the conscious of all living beings. Those wise people who experience that divine inside them reach the highest state of bliss.

Atheist- Believing in god creates a lot of resistance and limitations in one's life. So it's not good to believe in god as it takes away freedom.
Theist- Believing and worshipping god is for salvation. And salvation is freedom from everything. One's life will be blessed and one would experience freedom from all materialistic attachments. Hence believing in god is indeed true freedom.

Atheist- God is many times called as Agegya/अज्ञेय/Not Able To Understand. Then why bother trying to know him?
Theist-- The entire creation and every entity in it, their rules make us realize that God exists. Like space, air, nucleus, the atoms cannot be sensed. But they can be understood with knowledge. Similarly, with proper knowledge and practices, the Lord can be understood.

Atheist- Lord is full of qualities, everything with certain qualities is destructible. Hence god must be destructible too.
Theist- Everything with qualities should be destructible is not a thumb rule. When nature with Satva, Rajas and Tamas is not destructible. Then how can the supreme lord be destroyed? God is just, merciful, knowledgable, hence he is full of qualities. God is immortal, non-born, hence he has no qualities.

Atheist- The creation and this multiverse are present from the very beginning just like the lord himself. Everything in this multiverse is made and destroyed based on its qualities. So why bother about believing in this god?
Theist- Multiverse is made of many things, it's a mixture. Since everything is a mixture, they were created at some point in time. Hence the multiverse was created, if it is created, it needs to have a creator. Understanding the creator means having the supreme most knowledge. Hence, not useless.

Atheist- Everything happening in this world seems accidental. So why waste time believing in the god?
Theist- The world is bind by many rules, nothing happens accidentally. Sun rising and setting at the same time every day. Day and night happening one by one. Seasons, happening every year at the same phase. Origin of this world is definitely due to some rule. Hence if there are rules there must be a governer. Therefore the Upnishad says-

भयादस्याग्रिस्तपति भयात्तपति सूर्य:।
भयादिन्द्रश्च वामुश्च मृत्युर्धावति पञ्चम:।। -Kathopanishad 2.6.3
The fear of this lord makes the fire burn, his fear makes the sunshine, his rules make the thunder, air and death do their jobs without a miss.

Atheist- All the qualities god is said to be possing are their in Nature too. Then why bother with god?
Theist- It's not right to say that all qualities of god are there in nature. God is Conscious and Nature is Unconscious, without god commanding it, nature does not perform. When nature is in the mode of creation, it is working and when it is in the state of apocalypse it is in rest mode. The first condition is Importance, second is arrogance, third is known as minuscule, and the fourth condition has 10 senses and eleven mann and in the fifth condition, complex bodies are created. If the conscious god does not command nature, nothing will be created. Hence the creator itself has to be worshipped.

Atheist- What's the benefit and proof of worshipping that god?
Theist- There are innumerable reason to admire and worship the creator-

(1) The lord which is the creator, governor of this entire creation is the supreme. Hence without him, no creation or destruction possible. Vedant Darshan Says- "जन्माद्यस्यपत:" -Who causes the creation of maintenance and destruction of this world is supreme lord.
(2) He who rewards and punished the creator for their deed is the supreme lord. Because no creation will ever want to pay for his deed willingly.
(3) He who blessed the humans with knowledge in the very beginning is the supreme lord. Because without knowledge no civilization or society can grow out. And he was the first guru in the world. स: सर्वेषामपि गुरु कालेनानवछेदात्।
(4) The power which is running this entire world is the Supreme lord.
तदेजति तन्नैजति तद्द्रे तद्वन्तिके।
तदन्तरस्य सर्वस्य तदु सर्वस्यास्य बाह्यत:। -Yajurved 40.5
He commands everything but never moves. He is omnipresent, present in every atom.
(5) The Samadhi state guides us towards that supreme lord, which is the extreme state of bliss. But today we have forgotten that and suffering.

Atheist - You say that God has no materialistic senses and no physical body. If he has no physical structure how can he create this physical, animate world?
Theist - All the tasks which are done by a physical body. He does that with his supreme abilities. Hence he doesn't require a body. The Upnishad says-

अपाणिपादो जबनो ग्रहीता, पश्यत्यचक्षु स: श्र्णोत्यकर्ण:।
सवेत्ति वेद्य न च तस्यास्ति वेत्ता, तमाहुरग्रयं पुरुषं महान्तम्।।
That god can handle everything without hands, can walk without legs, Can see without eyes and hear everything without ears. He knows everything but nobody knows him. He is indeed the most knowledgable and supreme.

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